o   Club President: Manages matters of crew members 

o   Vice President: Manages all club membership records.




1)   Anonymous Crew is open to all imports and domestic Cars.  Vehicles considered for membership must have at least 2 modifications to be accepted.


2)   When applying to become a member, you are required to undergo a 30-day probationary period. This will give current members time to assess the individual’s dedication. We will not accept join crew.


3)   All vehicles are expected to be clean and maintained up to the vehicle’s maximum potential. (Remember wherever you go you are representing Anonymous Crew)


4)   Members are required to enter at least 2 car show (major or minor) and attend at least 3 club functions (install meets, cookouts, etc.) during the month. When at car shows you are encouraged to help members setup for the show when you are not entering the show.


5)   Club events and social gatherings shall be selected and scheduled as a group. Open to all spouses, girlfriends/boyfriends and family. All club members are expected to act in an appropriate manner always.


6)   In an event that the President or Vice President cannot attend the same event someone will be appointed in advance.


7)   Mandatory Meetings will be held at the end of every month; from there we will schedule crew dates and discuss club business and any other topics that are deemed necessary


8)  Termination of membership will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Should a member be terminated they must remove any association with Anonymous Crew on their vehicle.

For any further questions or looking to join the crew just contact

(Gavin Gibson) 404-563-9715